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Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a form of holistic practice which uses universal energy to balance and align a person's energy field and create more well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. Energy healing does not need physical proximity to be effective and can be done at a distance. During a session, I will tune in to your energy and am intuitively guided as to any areas of your energy field that need clearing, healing, and strengthening to help create wellness and balance in your life. A session includes:
30 to 45 minutes of distance energy healing
15 to 30 minute follow up discussion of the energy work performed and any related intuitive and wellness guidance that arose during your healing                            $75


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Intuitive Card Readings

.Receive intuitive guidance and messages during a tarot or oracle card reading! During the reading I use the cards as a method of accessing my intuition and Divine guidance and providing messages of guidance, growth, and healing. I have found tarot and oracle cards to be a loving and supportive way to explore life's issues and create positive movement and change for a more balanced and beautiful life and am excited to share this experience with you.  Live Readings will be conducted over Skype and usually last 30 to 45 minutes.  Video readings will be recorded and a link to view will be sent to you via email. .  
  Live: $60            Video: $45

Live or Video Readings


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